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Barring Health Officials from Active Party Politics, justified?

  I read with dismay a circular dated 13 th April, 2023, authored and circulated by the Ministry of Health to directorates, institutions and affiliate bodies under the Ministry. The Ministry’s directive is simply to remind these institutions that it has seen some Senior Staff in the Health Sector engaging in active partisan political activities. And that the Ministry is warning those Senior Staff to abreast themselves of the under listed guidelines and sanctions attached thereon, which guidelines and sanctions were culled from the Human Resource Management Policy and Manual for the Ghana Public Services particularly at pages 104 to 105: i.                    A Public Servant shall not openly participate in partisan political activities, seek political office whilst still in the public service or use Government facilities, equipment or resources to assist any candidate seeking elected political office. ii.                  A Public Servant shall not act in a manner or assume a posi