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    Social media has been buzzing with a picture of a writing on the walls of an alleged loan defaulter. The writings also allege that QUICK CREDIT, a popular loans company, is the person behind the writings. Let me say here that I have not done any independent check to confirm if Quick Credit is behind the writings on the walls of the person and this article is not in any way intended to take-on the said company but rather provide general advice to the public at large. This “quick credit” defaulter and other issues concerning how companies treat customers who default in paying loans has inspired my decision to take up this topic and share a few tips to both individuals and companies alike.   This Article will throw some light on the rights of a defaulter as well as the right of the creditor and what the two parties can safely do to ensure they do not fall at the wrong side of the law.   To set the tone, let me share the story of a client whose name I cannot mention. This client took a


In the year 2018, the investigative Journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas sued the controversial lawmaker Kennedy Agyepong for defamation and claimed GHC 25 Million from him. Judgement was given by his Lordship Eric Baah Justice of the Court of Appeal sitting as a High Court Judge on Wednesday 15th March, 2023 and dismissing the claims by Anas. Please read below the full judgment below.  INTRODUCTION This, no doubt, is a judgment on a mammoth case. It is so by reason firstly of the personalities involved, secondly by the nature of the issues around which the case revolves and thirdly, by reason of the expected wide reach of the accusations of the defendant and the responses by the plaintiff resulting in this suit, ‘’ thanks’ ’ to modern media and communication systems. The plaintiff and defendant are national figures of varied degrees of reputation and popularity. It cannot be doubted that a stain on the reputation of the plaintiff; if the accusations of defendant are untrue, unfair, and u