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    Social media has been buzzing with a picture of a writing on the walls of an alleged loan defaulter. The writings also allege that QUICK CREDIT, a popular loans company, is the person behind the writings. Let me say here that I have not done any independent check to confirm if Quick Credit is behind the writings on the walls of the person and this article is not in any way intended to take-on the said company but rather provide general advice to the public at large. This “quick credit” defaulter and other issues concerning how companies treat customers who default in paying loans has inspired my decision to take up this topic and share a few tips to both individuals and companies alike.   This Article will throw some light on the rights of a defaulter as well as the right of the creditor and what the two parties can safely do to ensure they do not fall at the wrong side of the law.   To set the tone, let me share the story of a client whose name I cannot mention. This client took a


The Osborns’s Concise Law Dictionary defines “arrest” as – “to deprive a person of his personal liberty by some lawful authority, for the purpose of compelling his appearance to answer a criminal charge or as a method of execution”. To put it in ordinary words, when you are arrested, it means you have been seized or held either by physical means or by being told verbally by another person usually a police officer. The reason for your arrest by the police is usually for you to be questioned and possibly sent to court to answer for a crime that you are suspected to have committed.   The Laws on arrest in Ghana are found in the 1992 Constitution, the Criminal Procedure Act, Act 30, 1960 and some other statutes and case law. This article is for the ordinary reader and so I do not intend to quote too much from these laws in order not to make it too legalese and difficult to read.   This write up will however attempt to shed light on some basics on ARREST to enlighten the general p