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THE MEANING OF "NEXT OF KIN"   The term “NEXT OF KIN” simpliciter, does not confer the right of inheritance on the person so named.    If so, of what use is the term?"   INTRODUCTION   The meaning and the legal implication of the term “NEXT OF KIN” have been constantly misunderstood by the ordinary public.    It appears, though erroneously, that many people think that once you are appointed the NEXT OF KIN OF A PERSON, it automatically gives you the right to inherit the person’s estate upon his demise.    In fact, many people think that, a NEXT OF KIN gives an exclusive right over a person’s property.   The above erroneous belief and understanding of the term NEXT OF KIN has made many people to shy away from the need to make a Will.    This is because, they think appointing a NEXT OF KIN, is a way of naming your beneficiary.    However, the above assumption is not in conformity with the law.    It must be noted that, IGNORANCE OF T